Crochet Fingerless Gloves - Short

Short crocheted fingerless gloves in Honey Bunny Yarn from Hobbii

Crochet Fingerless Gloves - Short

Size: Adult

Level: Beginner


Warm your hands with style and comfort with these lovely short crocheted wrist warmers made in the soft and luxurious Honey Bunny yarn from Hobbii. These wrist warmers are the perfect accessory to keep the cold at bay while still maintaining your elegant style. With the light texture and unique design, these wrist warmers will quickly become your favorites in the wardrobe.

 Crocheted slippers "Santa Style"   WAUW!! Santas Slippers....


  • This pattern uses US terminology.
  • If You are having trouble along the way, please watch the video tutorial on my YouTube channel “Diving Ducks Crochet”.



  • CH = Chain
  • ST = Stitch
  • SC = Single crochet
  • BLSC = Back loop single crochet

 Diagram of how to crochet in the back loop


What You´ll need:

  1. Yarn: 55g Honey Bunny from Hobbii (Super bulky)
  2. Crochet hook 7 mm
  3. Scissors
  4. Tapestry needle


The pattern:


Chain 14

Row 1: Skip the first CH and SC in the 2nd CH. 1 SC in every ST, CH 1 and turn (13)

Row 2: Skip the first CH and 1 BLSC in every ST, CH 1 and turn             

Repeat row 2 until You have 17 rows (or until it fits around Your hand)

 Measure the length of your fingerless gloves

 Break the yarn.

 Fold the square in half and sew through both layers for 3 cm. Secure the yarn and cut it.

Sew the crocheted piece together 

Make another seam at the other end (3 cm) to make a gap for the thumb.

Make another seem 


Secure the yarn and cut it.

Now turn the right side out and You are done. Make another one, and You have a pair.

 The finished crocheted fingerless gloves


I hope You enjoyed this pattern.