The GREY Shawl Pattern

A grey crocheted shawl in "Amigo" Yarn and "Diablo" Mohair Yarn from Hobbii

Learn How to Make a Chic and Speedy Crochet Shawl

Are you a crochet newbie looking to boost your skills? With these simple and ingenious methods, you can create a gorgeous shawl in no time! Not only will you stun your friends with your newfound abilities, but you'll also stay cozy when it's chilly outside. This tutorial is a game-changer for anyone looking to improve their crochet skills.

So grab your crochet hook and let's get started!


Size: 170 cm

Level: Beginner


  • If You are having trouble along the way, please watch the video tutorial on my YouTube channel “Diving Ducks Crochet”.



CH = Chain

ST = Stitch

DC = Double crochet




- 225 g Amigo from Hobbii (Light weight 3)

- 75 g Diablo Mohair from Hobbii.

Crochet hook 7 mm


Tapestry needle


The Shawl Pattern:

Crochet with both yarn types together.

CH 3.

Now turn, and begin working in Your chain.

Row 1: Do 2 DC in the....... FULL PATTERN AVAILABLE

2 types of yarn crocheted together


Two types of yarn crocheted together with Double Crochet Stitch


 Double crochet and chains in yarn to create a Mesh-pattern


Two types of yarn crocheted together to make a Mesh-pattern

The finished mesh pattern for a crocheted shawl


The finished result of a crocheted shawl